Nest // Styling The Seasons: February

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Last month I stumbled upon a wonderful blog series called Styling The Seasons, hosted by Katy of Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte of Lotts & Lots. In Katy's own words, "we would like to challenge ourselves, and you, to reflect more on the change of seasons and show those changes in our own homes .... We want you to choose any surface in your home (shelf, dining table, mantelpiece – it can be a different surface each month) and style that surface with anything you like to reflect the new month and what it means to you and the promise it holds (relaxation, celebrations, family, nature)."

These days, it can be so easy to let time just slip by without acknowledging the changes around us. "Ugh, Monday." "It's almost the weekend!" "Only X days until Christmas!" And repeat. Why not slow things down and really think about what each month, each season means to you? Why not take the time to decorate your home with real intention, not just shoving a random bouquet in a vase every now and then?

To me, February is the last breath of true summer, the month of love and usually the month in which I feel most out of sorts. The flowers I chose this month were bought or picked on moving day, which was also Valentines Day. Romantic, no? (No.) I haven't handled the move all that well and if I am honest, it has set me back a few steps. I knew moving day was going to be hard so I decided to be my own Valentine that day, to do something nice for myself (and in turn for our new home) and bought every form of dahlia I could find at the farmers market. This summer will go down as the summer I fell deeply and truly in love with dahlias. Some globe amaranth made it into the mix because they just looked so happy and I rounded out the collection by cutting my very last bunch of roses from the cottage garden. With all the chaos of unpacking and getting used to a new space, being able to take a moment and look at those beautiful flowers adorning the bookshelf made things a little easier, made my heart a little lighter.

styling the seasons: february / via

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Hello, my lovelies. Apologies for the radio silence here on the blog recently. Things have been a little hectic due to the house move but we're finally in. Thank goodness! The downside is that I have to wait 10-20 working days for the internet to be reconnected... What's a blogger to do?

I will be writing but not publishing, photographing but not editing and when I am finally reconnected I will hopefully have lots of lovely things to share with you. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

ps. In the meantime, there is always Instagram :)


Gather //

The garden has been taken hostage. There are gun-toting, cigar-smoking, rum-swilling monsters everywhere. You might also know them as spiders, but these arachnids are so big and mean that I'm quite sure they carry knives between their pincers and wear knuckle dusters on their hairy legs. The webs, though beautifully intricate, have become death traps big enough to entomb a human (or two) and I can feel those beady little spider eyes watching, waiting for me to stand still long enough to be mummified in spun silk. I am trying to be a good gardener and let them be, they have their place in this eco-system just as we do, but every time I walk head on into a web and do the "ARGH there's a spider on me!" dance, I can't help but think of the can of bug spray sitting under the kitchen sink.

A little look beyond my own garden gate to see what is blooming further afield...

New month = new desktop! (via Oana Befort)

A new video series, Melbourne Mornings, kicked off with an early start at the flower market with florist Melanie Stapleton. (via The Design Files)

Urban Jungle Bloggers is such a great source of inspiration for those wanting to bring the outdoors in. (via Urban Jungle Bloggers)

I'm not one to step in front of the camera but to be photographed by the endlessly talented Luisa Brimble in that iconic pose, to be "Brimbled", would be a dream. (via Luisa Brimble)

Why not adopt a fruit tree? (via Bilpin Fruit Bowl)

Or plant a flower clock? (via The New York Times)


Grow // The February Garden

the february garden | netherleigh

Hello February! A brand new month to spend planting, harvesting and caring for your gardens, big or small.


Flowers: Delphinium | Carnation | Nigella | Poppy | Snapdragon

Vegetables: Broccoli | Fennel | Garlic | Leek | Radish


Flowers: Allium | Bouvardia | Brunia | Echinacea | Zinnia

Vegetables: Basil | Corn | Cucumber | Tomato | Zucchini


  • Preserve that late summer vegetable glut! Bottle some passata (tomatoes), whiz up some pesto (basil) and get pickling! This pickle recipe (cucumber and zucchini) is a favourite.
  • Keep your plants hydrated. Summer isn't over yet and February can be the warmest month of the year in some parts of the country.
  • Summer-prune geraniums and fruit trees.
  • Collect seeds from spent flower heads.
  • Order spring bulbs - yippee!